35 Point Cygnar Haley Army

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Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Captain Victoria Haley1-5
Warcaster, Non-Epicrn
A Massive Warjack with a powerful gun and strong hammer
Excellent Melee Heavy Warjack
Light Warjack with Arc Node
Long Gunner Infantry with Officer and Standard88
Long Gunner Squad with Attachment
Sword Knights64
Melee infantry with Good Anti-Jack attacksrn
Some of the best infantry available to Cygnar
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Starting this Saturday, I will be playing in my first WARMACHINE event. Last time, the event was 35 point single warcaster armies. I put this one together to try out and as a test bed for the new simple page generator.rnrnAs for tactics, I will be kind of making it up as I go, but the plan kind of works like this:rnrn1) The Lancer acts as an arc node(surprise) to launch attacks and boost up the trenchers. rnrn2) The trenchers stay in front and either remain dug in and using smoke bombs. rnrn3) Behind the trenchers will be the Defender and the Long Gunners.rnrn4) The Iron Clad and Sword Knights will be protecting the flanks.

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