Shas'ui Christopher Lasser of the Tau Empire

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Name: Christopher Lasser
Age: 28
Affiliation: Tau Empire
Rank: Shas'ui

Christopher Lasser is a Shas'ui in the Tau Empire. Currently he trains select Firewarrior squads from the Tau Forest Tigers to be proficient in close combat against the Tyranids. Since the training goes against the doctrine of the Tau Empire, few outside of the Tau Forest Tigers know of this work. Those that do, know that is is necessary training for the total destruction of the Tyranids.

Stat Bar

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Weapon Swap: At the beginning of the his ranged combat phase, Christopher Lasser can choose between two different weapon profiles. The selected profile will remain in effect until his following ranged combat phase.

Profile 1:
Pulse Rilfe

Profile 2:
Pulse Carbine and Chain Sword. If this selection has been made, Christopher Lasser gets two additional attacks.

Auto Instinct - If Christopher Lasser's squad is ever the victim of a sweeping advance, remove the cheapest enemy figure as a casualty and place Christopher Lasser 12" away from his original position as an independent character.

Full Story

Born on the Eastern Fringe Planet of Charnwood, Christopher Lasser started out with a normal life. At 19 years old, he decided to server the Emperor by joining the Imperial Guard. After spending some time in basic training, Chris was scheduled to be shipped out in one month. That time would never come. Two weeks later, the first Tyranid spores began to rain down on Charnwood. All Imperial Guard units were ordered to stay on the planet in defense. He fought in one of the first engagements against the swarm. As the beasts charged over the defensive line, the sergeant of his squad suffered a fatal wound and dropped his chain sword. Chris dived behind the makeshift emplacement grabbed the sword and as he emerged in the face of a Tyranid Warrior. Instinct kicked in and he swung the chainsword at the warrior. Whirling teeth chewed up the armored carapace and a well placed las-rifle shot finished the job. With synapse broken, the lesser Tyranids broke and fell back allowing Christopher and his squad to fall back.

Two days later, the evacuation of Charnwood was in full swing. Even with the intervention of several companies of Space Marines, the battle for Charnwood was going poorly. The newly promoted Sergeant Christoper Lasser was tasked with defending an evacuation site. He knew that his men were the least likely to get off the planet, but in the end, he was just doing his job. As with the first time, waves of Tyranids charged the defensive lines. Combined infantry and Tank fire held the beasts at bay for two hours. Even with acidic clouds choking the sky, the men and women under his command didn't waiver.

Rumors had spread through the ranks that another Xenos fleet had entered Charnwood orbit, but the Imperial Navy was too busy dealing with Tyranids to face a second threat. The Tyranids made their third charge. This one was backed by warriors and Carnifexes. Chris Lasser's line begin to collapse. As the Tyranids were just about to break the Imperial Line, Orca dropships broke through the toxic overcast. Drone fighters strafed the battlefield clearing out holes in Tyranid swarm. Crisis Suits launched themselves from the back of the Orcas with their fire power adding to the carnage. With landing sites cleared, the Orcas landed and Firewarrior squads poured out of the dropships.

Christoper Lasser had been trained in recognizing different divisions of the Tau military, but their brown, green, and orange stripe camouflage was unfamiliar to him. Regardless, this was his one chance to escape. With most of the equipment aboard, the Imperial Guard forces fell back. Racing back to his escape ship, a Genestealer leaped in his path. Lasser swung his las-pistol up and fired several blasts into the Tyranid's head. The creature stepped back stunned. A slash from the chain sword severed the beasts head from its body. The escape path was clear and Christoper Lasser ran.

Even off the planet things didn't settle down. The escape fleet was just about to enter the warp and flee further into the Imperium when a telepath claimed that they were jumping into a Tyranid trap. So convinced that his visions were true, the telepath managed to break through security and sabotage the Gellar field aboard Sergeant Lasser's ship. As the rest of the fleet escaped, Christoper Lasser found himself stuck behind. It didn't take long for a Tau Empire ship to aid the crippled Imperium vessel. Naturally, there was much resistance to the offer from the Tau. Knowing that the only reason they made off the planet was due to the Tau, many of the Imperial Guard soldiers took them up on their offer. Christoper Lasser was among them. A handful of civilians decided to come along as well while the others decided to stay behind and take their chances.

Aboard the Tau ship, Christoper Lasser learned of the Tau Forest Tigers and their mission to study and combat the Tyranid threat. The Tau Empire were specifically interested in his knowledge and experience with the Tyranids. Unlike most Tau, small divisions of the Forest Tigers were being trained to be skilled in close combat in order to defeat the Tyranids. As a new member of the Tau Empire, Christoper Lasser was put in charge of training these specialized Firewarriors.

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