Egyptian Imperium 7000 Point Army

User Uploaded Image
User Uploaded Image
Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
13th Legion Atroci10650
A Solid Line Holder Infantry Divison
13th Legion Atroci10650
A Solid Line Holder Infantry Division
Cursed Legion10700
The Ultimate Meat Grinder Unit
Hellenic Lancers51100
Centaur Troops which run out front to grab objectives.
Hoplite Phalanx10650
A Quick, Light Infantry Attacker
Lord of the Dead6700
The Commander of this Army
Nomadic Skirmishers51150
Another Fast Moving Cavalry used to take objectives.
Pitati Archers10550
Archer Infantry
Pitati Archers10550
Archer Infantry
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Here is a run down of the quick tactics:

The cavalry will charge forward early to contest the objectives. Chances are they will end up dying, but it is worth to get those early objective points.

To support the Cavalry, I bring up the archers and either 13th Legion Atroci or the Cursed Legion. Hoplites are quick, but don't expect them to last too long....This is especially true if you forget to regroup it into a defensive position.

The problem with the Cursed legion is that it is slow. Regroup it to give it 3 movement in a hurry. Also, always keep it together with the Lord of the Dead to allow for massive respawning.



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