We fight because we must

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So here it is, this is an Empire army im slowly progrssing with. I hope to play with it quite a bit in this summer's Nemesis Crown Campaign. rn The end result (being a finished a 2500 point list) will have an eqaul mix of shooty and combat units so to support each other best. A strong center line of infantry which can knock off one other and flank for there brethren. Also included is a giant to get in fast and hopefully do some damage before being shot down. (Giants are easily taken down at range due to lack of armor and beng a large target.) Although potentially formidable in close combat...and fun to play with. In the final list i also plan on having a couple units of skirmishing archers, so to keep in the spirit of Stirland's fabled hunters. rn As far as the hobby goes i plan on extenive conversions and paint work in order to reflect the classic fantasy nature of Stirland within the empire. That is one of the reasons i wish to show it here on the online army showcase and become part of this community of users.



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