First Look at Grind by Privateer Press

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Late last year, Steamjacks made the jump from the Iron Kingdoms to a metal caged death sport with the release of “Grind”. Lets take a first look at Privateer Press' latest stand alone board game.

The tag line for Grind is “Full Metal Battle Sport”. This game is for two players and each player commands a team of five steam jacks. Prior to a match, players will mount different sets of arms on their steamjacks to create a customized force. Each team has access to the same sixteen arms and same five steamjacks. Once play starts, each player uses a variety of attacks to smash a giant spiked ball, called the Grinder, into the opponents goal. Like all good death sports, inflicting damage on the opposing team is encouraged.

Inside the box are two teams of plastic steam jacks, a large sturdy board, three other plastic sculpts, a 16 page rulebook, some coutners, and a Monsterpocalypse dice pack. Each team consists of five steam jacks: Three light, or “Runners”, and two heavy, or “Crushers”. One team looks like Cygnar Warjacks and the other looks like Khador Warjacks. However, all the weapons are new, so don't expect to build any actual warjacks. The MSRP for Grind is listed at $70.

The game only has around 12 pages of rules and most of the book is laid out in a step by step fashion. Though not everything is so clear, there are a few rules that could be explained better. Grind is designed to be played as a stand alone game. No league or campaign rules are included, which is kind of unfortunate since this game is likely to be compared against games like “Blood Bowl” by Games Workshop.

Look for a full review of this game on a near future episode of The Tabletop Battlefield.

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