G.U.A.R.D Battleforce

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Army Composition

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Defender X1Monster
Monster will all around good stats
Elite G-Tank3Elite
Elite G-Tank
Elite Rocket Chopper1Elite
Cool Spotter Unit
Grunt G-Tanks
Laser Knight1Monster
Awesome Looking Monster. I think he has good stats also.
Recovery Vehicle1Grunt
A unit that can repair my Monster. This is very helpful.
Rocket Chopper3Grunt
Fast Moving Spotter
Sky Sentinal1Monster
Monster Built for Blasting and unit supporting
z Apartment Complex2Building
Can produce cheaper units.
z Downtown High Rise Apartment3Building
Explodes in a Fireball. Produces one extra power when secured.
z GUARD Base1Building
The Base for the Guard. It's a building that shoots...How is that not cool.
z Nuclear Power Plant1Building
Can Provide Extra Power. Radiation Hazard.
z Radar Array1Building
Building which grants extra range
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With the release of Monsterpocalypse, I'm ready to start building up my favorite armies. Based on the appearance and theme of the factions, I have chosen to play the G.U.A.R.D and the Martian Forces. This page is obviously dedicated to my G.U.A.R.D force. Right now, things are quite small. I only have the two monsters and several units. Though once I find I sizable group of players to trade with, I expect my army to grow.

After one tournament, A faction pure force can give a player an advantage. I'm working towards getting a full 15 figure G.U.A.R.D force. Though where I went to play, just about everyone already had a complete faction army, so I was only able to trade one figure away.

For building my city, I like the High Rise Apartment Buildings. When one is placed on your own side of the map, it's an easy way to generate extra power. The other ones are placed in the middle to be used as target practice for monster throwing!

A single nuclear power plant is a good choice as it can also provide one extra power. The problem is that nuclear power plants can really benefit other factions. Specifically the Martians. There is no reason to make it easier for the enemy to win the game by placing lots of these around the board.

The normal apartment complexes, while not most beneficial to the GUARD, they are helpful to any faction. Just keep them a little back so that the other player cannot brawl them. Another reason for keeping them is back is that they don't explode when hit, so placing these buildings in the middle of the map will not offer the same fire power as other buildings.

Another building which is great for the GUARD is the radar array. I am currently attempting to acquire one of these off e-bay. Update: I just won one today. More details to come.

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Watch out for that spot on Kill Again's Island...
Feb 10 2009 [Link]

I played a demo game against a new player several days ago, so I really wasn't paying full attention to exactly what I was doing. I decided to try out the Kill Again's Island Map....

Here is a free tip - Don't leave yourself lined up with that one spot where you can be thrown onto three buildings at once. It will really ruin your day....

Picked up a Radar Array
Jan 17 2009 [Link]

I won an auction on E-bay today and picked up a Radar Array for my army. Next time I am going to be hunting for some Rocket Choppers.

Added City List
Jan 08 2009 [Link]

In addition to my Monsters and Units I have added some of the Buildings I take to my army list.

Ebay Hunting
Nov 29 2008 [Link]

I was able to pick up two more grunt G-Tanks off e-bay. This brings my G-Tank count up to the maximum of five.

First Tournament
Nov 01 2008 [Link]

As I am typing this, I just got back from playing in my first Monsterpocalypse Tournament. It was a interesting learning experience. I came away with only one win out of three games because I beat the one person who probably had less experience then me.

Here are some of the lessons learned:
1) A faction pure army gives a player a nice advantage.
2) Really learn what situations are best for your Monster's abilities.
3) The Ares Mothership is annoying.
4) Efficient use and deployment of units is critical.
5) There are some really cool and creative ways to use units.

In case anyone was wondering, the winner of the tournament played a faction pure Planet Eaters Army built around Mega Gorghadra.

Battle vs Shadow Syndicate
Oct 26 2008 [Link]

In order to prepare for a tournament next weekend, I sat down to play a casual game against Kyle. After a one hour time limit, the game was technically a draw - Partially as a result of the random wandering Cthulu Monster. We did play the game out and I had played a better power management game. I was pulling in five to seven power with every powerup while Kyle was lucky to bring in one. One thing I had difficult with using only eight units was that I could not effective secure a couple of buildings and launch a unit assault. Therefore, for the tournament, I am going to need to pack a few extra random units.

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Battle History

Casual Battle Force Games111
vs Cthulu[Ryan]Win
vs Shadow Syndicate[Ryan]Loss
vs Shadow Syndicate[Kyle]Draw

Tournament Record120
Standard Match vs Faction Pure MartiansLoss
Standard Match vs Mixed CthuluWin
Standard Match vs Faction Pure TerrasaursLoss



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