World of Warcraft Minis - Horde Warband

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Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
1)Psychic Scream 2)Mind Blast
Ona Sktshot18
1) Hunters Mark 2) Arcane Shot
Legendary 1)Doom 2)Corruption
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I built this Warband for the Episode of The Tabletop Battlefield in which we faced off Monsterpocalypse with WOW Minis. The strategy is to use Ona Skyshot and Varimathras to deal out and take damage while Lotherin and Varimathras' Vampiric Aura heals them from the back.

In my first game, this worked well and while Kyle got out to an early lead, I eventually racked up more kills at key times and won the game.

The second game things went south early. There were two VP's and I sent Lotherin by himself to one and that got him killed in a hurry. Without him, my other warriors took lots of damage and eventually died. Another mistake was not properly finishing off Ruby Gemsparkle. She ended up doing a lot of damage.

Casual Battles110
Battleground vs KyleWin
Battleground vs Ryan(22 to 2)Loss

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