Arcane Legions - The Killing Field

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In just a few days, I'll be posting my review of Arcane Legions by Wells Expedition. One of my complaints about the game deals with the standard scenario for combat. The layout for the battle is on a 6' by 4' board, but players deploy along the short edges and fight for two control regions in the middle. When this style of battle is combined with only eight command points, the game play tends to deteriorate. Initially, the fast units race towards the middle and begin fighting. However, once the battle in the middle starts, it is almost a waste to spend command points to bring up reserve units. As a result, many units in an army just stand around doing nothing.

To solve these issues, the following scenario was created. I have named it “The Killing Fields” because the amount of death that occurs in these battles.

Board Size: 6' x 4'
Deployment: Except for deploying along the long edges of the board, normal rules are followed.
Control Regions: Two control regions are placed according to normal rules.
Scoring: Normal scoring rules are followed. The first player to 21 points will win.
Army Size: 7000 points
Command Points: 10

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After playing this scenario, I have found it improves game play in several ways. First, more units participate in combat. The extra two command points per turn help, but since the forces start closer to the control regions, it is not a waste of command points to bring up reserve forces. While the fast units will still start the battle first, it only takes around two turns for the slower infantry regiments to start fighting. With more units battling, flanking becomes more common and battles become much more violent. In the end, the tactical challenge of the battle increases.

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