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The Tau Empire in Warhammer 40K 6th Edition

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The Meta Game of Warhammer 40K never stays the same for long. Despite having a six year old codex, I'm hoping the Tau Empire can still put up a fight in sixth edition. Through blog posts, photos, army lists, and battle reports, I'm planing to help defenders of the Greater Good fight the best fight they possibly can.

Notes from the White Dwarf
Mar 30 2013 [Link]

This evening, while destroying a Chaos Space Marine army, I got a chance to read through the new White Dwarf all about the Tau. Here are the main key points:

The Sky Ray is now an anti-air vehicle, which it should be. Gone are the Stand Alone Hammerhead kits. Why anyone actually bought the standalone Hammerhead kit, I don't know.

Broadsides no longer carry rail guns, they carry heavy rail rifles. However, then can take a piece of equipment which gives them skyfire.

Firewarriors have the same stat line but have a new special rule called suppressing fire. I did not see an explanation for this rule. It does not look like they can take EMP grenades.. While not mentioned, the Fire Cadre leader likely unlocks something special.

The rip tide carries an experimental nova reactor which can hurt itself. The ion rifle carried by the path finders is also experimental. Hopefully it also does not go boom.

Stealth Teams have a marker beacon to guide down Crisis Teams.

Speculation on the New Path Finders
Mar 30 2013 [Link]

Now that we have officially seen the new figure line for the Tau Empire, we can begin to guess about possible changes for existing units. The most obvious change would be the new Pathfinder box.

First off, the box contains 10 Path Finders. The current codex allows a maximum of eight in squad. Likely the new codex has that limit boosted to 10.

Next, the kit includes three drones. While this number may seem important because 13 models is too many for the current Devilfsih, the product description mentions that one drone rides on the transport, not in it. While I would like to see the Devilfish requirement dropped, that may not be the case.

More interesting would be the drone types. A Recon Drone carries a Burst Cannon, while two other drone types, a Pulse Accelerator Drone and a Grav-inhibitor Drone, are mentioned, but no details as to their function are given. Hopefully, these new drones give the Tau Pathfinders some crazy special abilities that all the other armies seem to be getting these days.

In addition to the drones, a new weapon type is also listed: Ion Rifles. Rail Rifles can already kill marines, so maybe the Ion Rifle will be an anti-light vehicle weapon like the big version carried by Hammerheads. This would be a unique change for the Tau as the current codex says that Tau Infantry do not carry heavy weapons.

However, until we see the final book, these guesses are just that - guesses.

New Tau Empire Figures are up for Pre-Order
Mar 30 2013 [Link]

Games Workshop has made all the new Tau Empire figures along with the new Codex available for pre-order. Check them out here:

Tau Pre Order

or place an order at a local gaming store.

I'm Seeing a Pattern Here
Feb 08 2013 [Link]

Five rounds, four hours, a whole bunch of shooting, and all I got was another draw. So far in Sixth Edition, running a pure Tau army seems to be a great way to draw games. I can eliminate enemy forces pretty well, but I still am having trouble holding onto objectives despite this was the first time I successfully executed a late game Devilfish charge and disembark. I should note that had the game gone one more round, I had a chance to eliminate the last few troops holding the enemy's objective and I might have won the game.

In about a week, I will get a re-match though. This latest battle against the Dark Eldar occurred during a campaign. According to the rules of the campaign, if you draw your opponent, you face them again the following game, but at a larger point value.

Are Space Marines Required for Capturing Objectives?
Feb 02 2013 [Link]

I'm sure I am not the only one who has discovered that Tau troops, whether it is Firewarriors or Kroot, are not very good at holding objectives. I posted this question on one of the Tau Empire Facebook groups and I got a clear response: Take advantage of our space marine allies...

Crisis Suits with Missile Pods and a Flamer?
Nov 05 2012 [Link]

A week ago I was at a Games Convention and I took a little bit of time to walk through a Warhammer 40K tournament. There were two Tau players and both of them were running a configuration of the Crisis Suit I've never considered.

These suits were equipped with Twin Linked Missile Pods and a Flamer. Obviously the missile pods were for light vehicles and the flamers were for hordes. While this configuration is an interesting idea, I don't think it work too well where I play. Most of my opponents run Space Marines, or occasionally Necrons. Neither Missile Pods nor Flamers work all that well against those armies.

Also, both of the armies were using allies. One had some Space Marines tagging along while the other had some Eldar mixed in.

The Fourth Battle - vs Tyranids
Oct 07 2012 [Link]

After completing my fourth six edition battle, this one against Tyranids, I am confirming that the change to rapid fire weapons is very helpful, but I'm still finding it difficult to pull off a win.

This time, the relic scenario ended in a draw after neither army was able to grab the relic at any point during the game. The center of the board became a killing field for our troop choices.

Former Metal Tau Figures Now Available as Finecast Models
Jul 27 2012 [Link]

Since Games Workshop switched over to FineCast miniatures last year, the Tau Empire has been in limbo in terms of figure availability. While all of the metal figures were still available online, Games Workshop stopped selling the metal miniatures in their hobby centers. Due to this policy, you could not find the Tau Command Battlesuit in any of their stores. Therefore, it was not possible to buy a legal Tau army in GW hobby centers.

Recently, this has changed with the release of Tau metal miniature line in Finecast: HQ Models. There have been some changes to the product line though. Broadsides and Battlesuit commanders are no longer stand alone miniatures. Instead, they are add-ons to the Crisis Suits. This change has caused a slight increase in Broadside cost, but a rather serious increase in Command Battlesuit cost.

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Sixth Edition Battle History

Previous Codex Battles - Sixth Edition 40K433
9000 Point Team Battle with Marines vs Demons + NecronsWin
2250 vs Dark EldarDraw
2000 Points vs Space WolvesWin
1850 vs NecronsDraw
Blood Angels - Capture an Objective - 2000 PointsLoss
1000 Points vs Tyranids Draw
500 point vs EldarLoss
1500 Point Crusade vs Space WolvesWin
1000 Point Battle vs Blood AngelsLoss
2250 vs Chaos Space MarinesWin

1500 Point Army List - Previous Codex

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Broadside Team4198
(Broadside, Advanced Stabilization System) * 2, Team Leader, Black Sun Filter, Shield Drone x 2
Broadside Team4198
(Broadside, Advanced Stabilization System) * 2, Team Leader, Black Sun Filter, Shield Drone x 2
Crisis Team4172
(Crisis Suit, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array) x 2, Black Sun Filter, Shield Drone x2, Team Leader
Crisis Team4172
(Crisis Suit, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array) x 2, Black Sun Filter, Shield Drone x2, Team Leader
Firewarrior Team12153
Shas'la x 10, Shas'ui, Black Sun Filter, Marker Drone
Firewarrior Team12153
Shas'la x 10, Shas'ui, Black Sun Filter, Marker Drone
Firewarrior Team11143
Shas'la x 9, Shas'ui, Black Sun Filter, Marker Drone
Firewarrior Team11143
Shas'la x 9, Shas'ui, Black Sun Filter, Marker Drone
Shas'o Battle Suit Commander3160
Shas'o, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator, Shield Drone x 2, Black Sun Filter
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