My Cygnar Battle Force - 400 Points

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Battle Force Overview

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Battle Force Composition.

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Captain Haley - Warcaster1-5
Warcaster with 5 Warjack Points
Field Mechanics31
Repairs Warjacks
Light Warjack - Powerful Gun with Armor Piercing.
Heavy Warjack - Brings the Beat Down
Journeyman Warcaster13
Solo - Mobile Arcane Shield
Light Warjack with Arc Node
Long Gunners + Attachment88
Powerful Ranged Infantry
Sword Knights64
Decent Close Combat Units - Great for jack dismantling.
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I started with the Cygnar Battlebox, but I didn't stay with it for too long. Under the MKI rules the Charger was a little too costly for his abilities. Also, I found that Haley was much more effective against Menoth then Styker. The Defender was fun to play with in small games, but the Hunter is just as effective but for a lot less cost. With MKII, the Sword Knights have been nerfed a bit, but they also received a huge drop in cost, so I am going keep using them. I needed some more range support, so I chose to pick up the Long Gunners and I have been more then pleased with their capabilities.

As for expanding my army in the future, Trenchers are always solid choice, but I'm going to look into getting a few of the unit attachments to improve my existing squads. In some box somewhere, I have a squad of mechanics. Under MKII, I will be deploying those for a cost of 1 point.

Active Forces

Captain Haley - Warcaster

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I have not actually picked up her figure yet, but in several test games I have found her more offensive abilities more in line with my style of game play.

Her Chain Lightning spell can ruin a person's day, especially if that person is fielding Knights Exemplar. I have been told her Temporal Barrier is absolutely devastating, but I have been also told that I cannot rely on this spell to win, so I have not used it yet. The last spell that can work well in theory is her scramble spell. The idea is to break up the opponent's warjack line and take them apart with my sword knights one jack at a time.

Cygnar Sword Knights

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The first squad of infantry I am adding are the Sword Knights. These guys work great with warjacks because of their flank ability. Several of these matched with a Lancer can be expected to dismantle most warjacks on a successful charge,

Lancer Light Warjack

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I am still figuring out exactly how to work with this warjack. But I know the first time out I certainly did not take advantage of his best ability - His Arc Node. I thinking the Lancer should hold the center of my formation. Coleman Styker could channel his Earthquake through the Lancer and allow the Charger and Iron Clad to do their jobs.

Also, just about everyone says you need at least one Lancer in your army.

Storm Smiths - Solo

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I have three of these laying around. I'm going to give 3 of these a try out to see how well they work. When fighting Menoth, I am supposed to bring a lot of range weapons. Also, having a few of these running around will help break up the enemy force.

These guys are just too much fun.

Against a melee heavy enemy, these units can run around without too much worry and really cause trouble for the enemy. On several occasions, these guys have been the ones to eliminate the priest of a Menoth Choir.

Journeyman Warcaster

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The Journeyman Warcaster is a staple of Cygnaran Armies. In variants of a 400 point army, I have used this character with some nice success. As my army begins its expansion to 500 points, expect to see this figure appear frequently.

In terms of tactics, I stuck with the standard mobile arcane shield tactic. She upkeeps this spell on my sword knights allowing them to survive long enough to pull off their flank attack. When necessary, her hand cannon and provide a powerful attack.

Hunter Light Warjack

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I picked this unit up just prior to the release of MKII Field Test rules. Too bad he lost his pressurized reserve tank under MKII, but that was a pretty powerful ability.

Even without that ability, the Hunter is still terrifying to enemy Warjacks. Combined with Haley's Feat, I obliterated a Revenger in one turn.[I rolled a 17 on my first damage roll and an 18 on my second one. I guess I shouldn't count on those kind of roles too often.]

I like to run this unit up into the woods or on a hill and keep a journeyman warcaster nearby for upkeeping an Arcane Shield. Granted, he is not as good against Infantry as the Defender, but If you are attacking Infantry with the Defender, you have other problems.

Long Gunners

User Uploaded Image

Why I just bought these guys now is beyond me. They are an absolute must when fighting Menoth. Menoth can easily deny damage from one attack, but having a whole rank of these guys firing will really mess with their defensive line.[Chain Lighting is good too...]

Eventually, the battle will reach your lines once the Menoth player is forced to go on the offensive. Once this happens, use the poor long gunners a meat shields so that they get charged. In the following turn, launch a counter charge and push the attack back.

Ironclad Heavy Warjack

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The Ironclad has one place to be - engaged with the enemy. If possible, charge the Ironclad into a knocked down enemy. Though, since the power of the Quake Hammer is so high, his focus can be spent on hitting the enemy. And if the Ironclad finds itself surrounded by enemies, the Tremor special attack can help get him out of a difficult situation.

I pulled the Ironclad out for one MK II game. I really can't say how well he performed since I just kept him back the whole time. I won't make that mistake again. The problem here is that Charging the Menoth Blob with the Iron Clad just seems suicidal...

Battle History

Casual Battle Force Games - MK I Rules310
400 Point Single Kill Assassins vs Menoth and KhadorWin
400 Point Duel against MenothLoss
400 Point Duel against MenothWin
310 Pt skirmish against Khador and MenothWin

MK II Field Test Battles113
30 Pt Battle Against MenothDraw
20 Pt Battle vs Menoth (3 to 0)Win
20 pt Battle vs Menoth ( 0 to 0)Draw
25Pt Battle against Menoth Blob(0 to 0)Draw
25 Pt Battle against Menoth Blob(0 to 5)Loss

Battlebox Record230
vs Cyrx(Kyle)Win
vs Cyrx(Kyle)Loss
vs Cyrx(Ryan)Win
vs Cyrx(Kyle)Loss
vs Cyrx(Ryan) and Menoth(Kyle) - Free for AllLoss

Dealing with the Menoth Blob
Apr 19 2009 [Link]

So I have been having a heck of a time with the Menoth Blob. More information can be found here:

To be fair, I haven't actually lost against it. Every battle has been a draw since no one can seem to do much damage to the other player. If anyone has some thoughts on stopping it, then let me know.

Hunter Warjack
Apr 17 2009 [Link]

User Uploaded Image

Adding the Hunter Warjack to this page.

Long Gunner Squad
Apr 17 2009 [Link]

User Uploaded Image

Adding my Long Gunner Squad to this page.

Experimenting with WARMACHINE MK II
Apr 09 2009 [Link]

I just posted another article about Point Costs in the MK II Rules.

Some of the Cygnar Warjacks(specifically the Charger and Sentinel) got a nice discount. For purpose of field testing, I plan to be running some unique armies. I'll post the updates here as I try them out.

Apr 06 2009 [Link]

With the release of the Beta WARMACHINE MK II rules, I will be re-tooling the army. I also added a Hunter and a Squad of Long Gunners in preparation for the new rules. Too bad the Hunter is no longer the Crisis suit of the Warmachine world.

Adding Captain Haley
Dec 30 2008 [Link]

User Uploaded Image

After a couple of months, I have finally picked up a Captain Haley figure for my Army. Her picture is attached to this post.

<Apr 2009>
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Reserve Forces

Defender Heavy Warjack

User Uploaded Image

I have been considering running a 400 point force with both of the Cygnar Heavy Warjacks. Therefore, I am deciding how exactly to fit the Defender into my force.

After a game, I may not want to keep this unit in my Army. The Long Range is nice, but his gun is not a substitute for the Hammer of the IronClad....

Another thing I need to think about is not just using the Defender as a turret. He needs to be mobile in order to get the shot and to keep himself safe. Leaving the Defender off by himself makes him a easy target for many types of infantry.

Coleman Stryker - Warcaster

User Uploaded Image

Coleman Stryker has several strong features from what I can tell. One is his combination of disruption weapons. Warjacks who attempt to take on Stryker will have a tough time once the can no longer hold focus points.

Second is Earthquake spell. Unleashing this at the right time can be a good one-two-three punch. Cast the spell, have the charger then soften up the target, and follow the attack up with a charge by an Ironclad.

The last awesome feature is his feat. When used at the start of an attack, it can mean two pain inflicting turns before the enemy can effectively retaliate.

Adapt Nemo - Warcaster

User Uploaded Image

He is my second Cygnar Warcaster. My style of play tends to be on the more aggressive side. As a result I have decided to use Nemo as my primary caster because he has more offensive abilities then Stryker.

Charger Light Warjack

User Uploaded Image

Some have criticized the Charger Light Warjack, and maybe in the future I will join them. For now, I am giving it a try out. It seems that the Charger could be a nice match for Coleman Stryker. Since it has two some what weak weapons, its boost rolls should be made on the damage rolls. Stryker can use his Earth Quake to knock enemies down and the charger can take advantage of their weak defense to inflict solid damage. Therefore, the Charger's three focus points can be used to
1) Boost damage on first cannon shot.
2) Use Focus To Attack a Second Time
3) Boost damage on second cannon shot.

Storn Guard

I also have a squad of Storm Guard sitting around. I never really thought about using them in my standard army.

MK I 400 Point List

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Captain Haley - Warcaster158
Heavy Warjack w Heavy Barrel and Shock Hammer
Journeyman Warcaster125
A Solo which can act as a basic Warcaster
Light Warjack with Arc Node
Storm Smiths224
Each one is a Solo. Calls down lightning
Sword Knights894
Base Squad + 2 Extra Troops
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