Building a MechWarrior Helipad from Trash

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I enjoy looking at product packaging and imagining what structure can be built out of them. The project I am going to build today is a Helipad for Mechwarrior Age of Destruction.

Component Lists:

1) The plastic shell from a four pack of razor cartridges for a Mach V.
2) The cardboard packaging from a TV Dinner.
3) Several types of flocking to finish the project.

The next step is to cut a square out of the cardboard box and glue the plastic packaging down. I found that hot glue worked well for gluing the plastic structure to the base. Leave at least a half of an inch of cardboard around the edge of the plastic. This extra amount of cardboard will be covered with flocking.

This step is pretty simple. Just take the helipad outside and cover it with a layer of primer.

Ideally, you want to paint the helipad so it has a concrete look to it. I applied several layers of gray to the helipad. Each layer was a little lighter then the one before it. For the bricks around the size, I would use a very light gray color and painted staggered blocks around the sides. To create the Helipad on top(Which is actually black), I traced a PowerAde cap and painted several layers of black on top of it.

To finish up the pad, Use tape to paint trace a 'H' in the helipad and then place flocking around the pad. I applied a layer of brown paint, then covered it up with some flocking. Once that flocking layer has dried, I glued some coarse flocking around the base to represent bushes and shrubs.

Your Helipad is done and ready for use in scenarios. This terrain piece will fit well with in the Terrain built in S0E09 of the Tabletop Battlefield.(That is where the trees in the picture come from)

Also, it can be used scenarios with my other trash project: Nuclear Plant



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