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Battle for the Hidden Valley Wellspring, here is info on how to build and play this scenario!

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This story happens after the events of SWARM OF THE MARRO. Raelin,Sgt. Drake Alexander,Sonlen,and Major Q10 are returning from their fight in The Waters of Life. Things could not be any worse...during the fight their friend Shiori betrays them and rejoins Utgar's side. The four heroes barely escape with their lives. The heroes realize their isn't much time before all of Einar's and Utgar's forces will attack Valhalla. As they rush back home to warn everyone they stumble across a hidden valley. In the valley is a forgotten fortress which is starting to decay and now swamp water seeping in over time has made half of the valley a bog. Giving the fortress a closer inspection the heroes find crystal clear water still flowing within the fortress and along with it another wellspring. The heroes decide to split in pairs, one pair goes back to Valhalla for help and along the way tell any allies to hurry to the valley to help the other pair of heroes guarding the wellspring. Its decided that Sgt. Drake Alexander and Raelin will stay while Sonlen and Major Q10 go back for reinforcements. As Sgt. Drake and Raelin look up at the mountain overshadowing the valley they hear and feel the ground rumble telling them three things, one the ice covered mountain is starting to have volcanic activity, two the bulk of the Marro army is not far away, and three they are in for the fight of their lives.

Disclaimer(this story is made up by Ryan and not by Hasbro or Heroscape)

One of my favorite things about Heroscape is that you can build endless scenarios and playing fields for those scenarios with whatever you have to use.

The field pieces are from a number of expansion sets and the two master sets SWARM OF THE MARRO and RISE OF THE VALKYRIE. If you don't have any expansion sets just make due with the master sets. Use the building instructions of Migols Tomb battle field and Waters of Life battle field. Build them separately then mold them together into one huge battle field. The last thing I do is if you have Fortress pieces go ahead and use them for the castle ruins.

You just made your own Hidden Valley Wellspring Battle Field!!

Now let me give you the game play instructions. You start with EVERY bad guy you have on one side of the field. (with the exception of Einar's forces)You then take the original Sgt. Drake and Raelin and place them in a defensive place then take four to eight (depending on how many figures you have to play with) more good guy cards and place them on the field along side Raelin and Sgt. Drake. Battle rules are the same Reinforcements come for the good guys after the 10th turn is done but only a portion of them the rest of the reinforcements come after the 16th turn is done. And for the bad guys any Einar forces you have reinforce the bad guys in the 13th turn.

(one special rule)
If Raelin and Sgt. Drake Alexander die they come back to life from the wellsprings power on the 17th turn. They change into the new Sgt. Drake and Raelin figures that are in Swarm of the Marro master set. But if they die again they cant be brought back again. The game ends when either side is out of playable figures. This can take awhile to play through use more order markers to speed things up if you want to and have fun playing out your ending!!!!



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