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2000 point Greek army for WAB

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Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
12 Cretans 1284
Composite Bow; Skirmish
2 units each 12 Peltasts12192
Thrusting Spear; Javelin; Shield; Light Troops; Skirmish
2 units each 5 Skirmishers540
Javelin; Skirmish
3 units each 24 Hoplites24894
Leader; Musician; Thrusting Spear; Light Armor; Large Shield; Phalanx
3 units each 8 Skirmishers896
Javelin; Skirmish
6 Greek Heavy Cavalry6118
Leader; Musician; Thrusting Spear; Heavy Armor
8 Skirmishers832
Sling; Skirmish
General and bodyguard12522
Spartan General; Drilled; Stubborn; Thrusting Spear; Heavy Armor; Large Shield; Army General with 11 Spartans bodyguard Leader; Musician; Thrusting Spear; Heavy Armor; Large Shield; Sacred Band; Drilled; Phalanx; Stubborn
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Greek hoplites

The Greeks fought mainly amongst themselves but also had to resist Gallic and Persian invasions. Indeed the Greeks did so well against the Persians that they became much in demand as mecenaries (the Persian empire being very wealthy) and fought in Persian armies against Alexander the Great, when he invaded Persia.

A tough army whose main strength is the phalanx but is also limited, as this phalanx can only charge straight ahead. The Spartans are one of the strongest infantry units in the entire game. If you like you could imagine the Spartan Sacred Band, as a Kings (the Spartans had two Kings at the same time) bodyguard, ready to die to the last man.



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