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Imperial Roman army for WAB

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Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
(Allies) 6 Barbarian slingers630
Sling, Buckler, Skimishers
2 Heavy Bolt shooters192
with 2 unarmoured crew each
2 units each of 12 Veteran Legionaries12520
Centurion; Standard; Musician; Hvy Throwing Spear; Light Armor; Large Shield; Drilled; Stubborn
2 units each of 18 Veteran Legionaries18760
Centurion; Standard; Musician; Hvy Throwing Spear; Light Armor; Large Shield; Drilled; Stubborn
2 units each of Legionary light infantry (auxlia)12366
Centurion; Musician; Throwing Spear; Javelins; Light Armor; Shield; Drilled; Stubborn; Light infantry
9 Auxilliary Cavalry (Praetorian Guard)9231
Leader; Standard; Musician; Kontos; Light Armor; Shield; Praetorian Guard; Drilled
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Roman legionaries

A 2000 point army Western Imperial Roman army for Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB).

One of the classic armies from the rulebook, this army can stand its own against almost any army in WAB. Not only does it have access to Roman legionaries, which are some of the hardest hitting infantry in the game but even when beaten, Romans still have a chance of holding on long enough for a counter attack to win the day, thanks to the Stubborn rule.

The Drilled rule allows the infantry to move around the table in a three wide column, at triple speed and then expand just before charging. Similarly the drilled auxila (I use the legionary light infantry stats to represent auxlia) are one of the few units that can reform in the prescence of the enemy, because of their drilled status.

The army I list below is a competition level army, with two strenghts of Roman legionary unit. The 18's are designed to go head to head with an opponent, with enough figures to survive several rounds of combat. The 12's are designed to attack enemy flanks and remove their rank bonus, making it easier for the 18's win but they are also capable of beating weaker enemy units on their own. Remember to make maximum use of the pila, never stand in combat using just the swords if you can help it.

The cavalry is mainly to run down a fleeing foe but can also be used to attack flanks or destroy enemy skirmish units.

The artillery is useful to soften up strong enemy units like elephants or knights.



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