Building a Nuke Plant from Your Lunch Time Trash - From Mini Episode Beta of the Tabletop BattleField.

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Here is what you need to follow Along with The Episode
1)The tray and box from a microwave dinner
2)A plastic fork
3)An empty bag of chips
4)2 yogurt cups
6)Plastic cutter
7)Hobby Knife
9)Masking tape
10)Hot glue

Cut out the largest section of the tray and place it face down on a box side as shown. This will become the main body of the reactor. Using one of the yogurt cups, place it down in order to determine the size of the base.

Using a sharpie, trace the outer edge of the base onto one of the sides of the box. Cut out the base and then using the hot glue, glue down the tray to the base. Do not glue down the tower at this point.

The cooling tower is constructed from two yogurt cups. Cut along the sharpie marks as indicated in the picture. You want to save the top portion of the cup with the smooth line and save the bottom portion of the cup with the jagged line.

Glue the jagged portion of the cup down to base. The top portion of the tower is intended to be removed to represent damage to the structure. Do not glue the top portion of the tower down.

The next step is to begin building the fence around the plant. Cut off the prongs of the fork. These will become the fence posts. Next cut several strips of foil from the chips bag. These strips should be the lengths of the sides of the base as they will become the fences.

Glue a fence post in each of the corners of the base. Once this glue has set, run the strips of foil from one post to another to form the fence which borders the plant. I found that it is easiest to glue one side of the fence up at a time.

Start off by applying spray primer to the structure. You can use cheap primer instead of the expensive GW Stuff. Next apply several layers of gray paint to structure. I also painted the tips of the jagged tower black to give the appearance of fire damage.

To paint the windows, I used masking tape to get straight tops and bottoms.

The white glue was applied to the top the tray to cover up the recycle symbol. To finish the job, glue flocking down to the base and apply details such as lights on the top of the cooling tower. Coarse flocking can be used as bushes to cover up areas where the black tray or fence does not touch the base.

You now have a nuclear power plant that is ready to be used in your miniature war game.

For best performance, do not drop model(I did this twice) and do not leave it out in the rain after priming(did this one too).



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