Review of Monsterpocalypse Strategy Guide Series 1: Rise

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Review of Monsterpocalypse Strategy Guide for Series 1: Rise

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In addition to the usual product line for a new game release, Privateer Press also released a strategy guide to help players get accustomed to the new game. This 60+ page full color book offers a host of useful information. Inside, one can find stats on all the figures in Series 1:Rise as well as commentary on every figure. Sample Army lists for each of the game's 12 monster figures can help new players to get started quickly. Cool tactics, exercises, and descriptions of Privateer Press' organized play system will prepare players for the Monsterpocalypse tournament scene.

First of all, lets talk product value. The Monsterpocalypse Strategy Guide retails for $14.99 and is an excellent deal. A full color book with as much information as this book contains would certainly retail for more if it was produced by any other company. Fans of Monsterpocalypse who have difficulty finding other players will find some enjoyment from the solo play mini-game rules in the back of this book.

Any serious player should check this book out. The unit tactics described in this book do work. Several of the players I faced in a tournament pulled some moves from this manual. Monster and unit commentary is useful and will be helpful for not only playing as the figures but for also playing against them. Each sample army list also provides some pointers on how to use the army for maximum effectiveness. Map overviews point out some useful information for each of the ten maps in Monsterpocalypse.

Not only does this book pack lots of strategic material, it also contains some bonus items. An exclusive double sided map features “Riverside Rampage” and the hilariously named “Kill Again's Island”. Throughout the unit commentary section, Privateer Press shows off three new unreleased units – The Martian Marauder, The G.U.A.R.D Ion Tank, and The Shadow Sun Syndicate Katana Strike Vehicle. To finish up the bonus material Privateer Press drops the names of the some other new units as well as concept art for the 12 new monsters in “I Chomp NY”. My favorite monsters are the G.U.A.R.D Laser Knight and the Terrasaur Pteradax(Think Rodan).

I really cannot think of a reason why any serious fan of Monsterpocalypse would not want this book. The ratio of quality information to price is just exceptional for miniature war gaming. More companies should release books like this. [Dear GW, adding some tactics information to army books and codices would help justify the cost better]. Hopefully this book is not a stand alone product, but that Privateer Press plans to produce a strategy guide for every set they release.

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