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Season 01 Episode 05 - Episode 5 - Designing a Game WMV

Feb 19 2007

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Jason discusses some basic concepts behind creating your own board by comparing existing games. I forgot to mention in the podcast that the intro music is by The Transfer and was acquired from www.podsafeaudio.com

Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford


Season 01 Episode 04 - Custom Mechwarrior Scenarios

Feb 08 2007

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Episode 4 - Custom MechWarrior Scenarios

In this episode, Jason and Kyle discuss a hill capture scenario they have played before. In addition, we create the rules for a new scenario as a demonstration of what is involved for creating a scenario.

Links for the Scenario Rules
The Canyon Scenario

In the mean time, here are the quick rules for the Hill Scenario:
Attacker has 900 Points and the Defender has 600 Points.
The Board size is 48" by 48". The Defender's deployment zone is about 2 Square feet of Elevated Terrain. The Attacker has a standard deployment zone on the opposite side of the board.
The objective for the attacker is to take the hill. When time expires count VC2 points for the units in the Defender's deployment zone(The Elevated Terrain) The player with the most points wins the scenario.
Time Limit: The Attacker has 20 minutes to complete their objective. The Defender has no time limit.

As always, I can be reached at and Kyle can be reached at

Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford and Kyle Menzies


Season 01 - Episode 3 - 40K Patrol Armies

Jan 29 2007

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Episode 3 of the Tabletop Battlefield - Warhammer 40K Patrol Armies.

I'm still in the testing phase of The Battlefield and this episode came out a little shorter then the ideal 40 minutes.(Its about 23). I am joined by Graham. to discuss how to get into the World of Warhammer 40K without spending a lot of money, your first born child, or several important body parts. The answer is 400 Point Patrol Armies. I introduce two armies, one for the Tyranids, and one for the Tau. Both of these are based on the battlion boxed sets. Graham covers his 400 point Eldar army.

Here are some of the links mentioned

Any questions for myself(Jason) can be directed to and Graham can be reached at

This episode copyright Rocko Software 2007. Games Workshop, Character and Place Names are registered trademarks of Games Workshop. Intro Music by the band The Transfer and can be obtained from www.podsafeaudio.com

Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford and Graham


Season 01 Episode 02 - Building a Lizardmen Temple

Jan 18 2007

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This is Episode # 2 of the Battlefield. This time around Jason will show you the steps involved with building a ruined Lizardmen Temple for Warhammer Fantasy. You will need Styrofoam, Spray Paint, Poster Paint, Glue, and Safety Gear(Googles/Painting Mask!). I hope you enjoy the techniques I show you. In the near future I hope to post step by step instructions for this process on the Online Army Showcase.

Hosts: Jason Rutherford

Intro Music by the band The Transfer and can be obtained from www.podsafeaudio.com

I can be reached at

Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford


Season 01 Episode 01 - The Future of Mechwarrior

Jan 08 2007

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See how this show got started with myself, Kyle, a Camera, and some Mechwarrior Figures.

Today we are talking about Mechwarrior Dark Age by Wizkids. First we discuss some of the coming changes to the game. In addtion, we discuss some house rules that we have used when playing games of Mechwarrior. To conclude we take a quick look at the Mechwarrior Short Film.

This show features Jason Rutherford and Kyle Menzies

I have listed some of our house rules below:
  • When a unit is given an order, it may move and make a standard attack or it may make a special attack.
  • A standard attack is a Ranged Attack or Close Combat Attack
  • A special attack is a Charge,Ram,DFA, or Artillery attack.
  • Infantry and Vehciles are considered pushed when they have three order tokens on them. A unit can be given an order if it results in giving the unit more then three tokens.
  • Every time a infantry or vehicle moves or attacks, it recieves an order token. An artilley attack gives a unit two order tokens.
  • Mechs never generate heat or recieve a token when walking. All other actions give heat and tokens as normal.
  • Mechs can either make two ranged attacks or one ranged and one close combat attack in one turn.
  • When making an artilley attack, subtract two from the attack value of the unit and add 1d6 inches to the drift of the token, unless the artilley unit has a LOS to the token, or a spotter has LOS to the token/
  • Any infantry can spot for a token within 14". This action does not count as an order, but the spotter cannot perform any actions while spotting.

If you have any questions or comments, get a hold of me at

Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford and Kyle Menzies


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