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S03E01 - Learn to Take Frost Bite Like a Man Ryan!

Jan 15 2009

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S03E01 - Learn to Take Frost Bite Like a Man Ryan!

Time to get started with Season 3 of the Tabletop Battlefield! Like last year, we are taking a look at the cool events of last year with the game News, Foot Note, or I don't give a crap!. Also, what happened to all those games we reviewed? Find out this episode. Finally, new to this year is our crazy awards ceremony. We give out awards like The Dog Drool Award, Who Were You Again Award?, and You Rule Because Your Rule Changes Made My Faction More Powerful!.

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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford, Ryan Wilke and Kyle Menzies

rmadman4 (Jan 15 09 21:24):
Thank you Jason!!! I was hoping you would name the title having to do with my frozen feet!

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