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Season 01 Episode 25 - The Saga That is the Review of StarCraft The Board Game Begins - Part 1 of 1.5 - WMV High Quality

Dec 07 2007

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It's time for our last review of the year and we have a game we simply cannot stop talking about. We go on for so long, we have to extend it into another half episode and we still don't get to mention everything we want. But, are we singing praises or ranting our mouths off? You have tune in to find out as we review StarCraft the Board Game By Fantasy Flight Games. Check back next week for part 1.5

For our last episode of the year, we want to do a fun segment where you can ask us any question you want to. Keep in mind we may not answer your question for any reason. To make things interesting I plan to not even read the questions until we record the episode next Weekend, so get them to us by December 14th. Be sure to make the subject line: Question For the TabletopBattlefield.

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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford, Ryan Wilke and Kyle Menzies

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