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S03E10 - Good Luck Tyranids...We have 60 Strength 5 Shots!

May 21 2009

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S03E10 - Good Luck Tyranids...We have 60 Strength 5 Shots!

Its time to take a look at the new Imperial Guard Codex and how it is going to change the game. If you are looking for someone to sit down and read the codex to you then go look some where else. John, a six year veteran of the Imperial Guard, joins the show to discuss how this new codex will affect the armies of Warhammer 40K.

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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford and John

itsme (Jun 02 09 10:15):
the only thing i didnt agree with on this episode was the fact john said that plastics have been getting cheaper. I have to pay 44 dollars now before tax for the exact same 20 guys i used to get for 35. Almost a 10 dollar increase for the exact same models no changes at all. Now the command squad in my eyes was well worth the 25 dollars and i wouldnt mind paying the extra for 10 regular guys if i had some extra weapons like the melta or plasma gun on the spru as well, but they just have the flamer and grenade launcher like always and who doesnt have a crap ton of these if they have played guard for a while

RockoRobotics (Jun 04 09 20:21):
I was surprised by that statement as well....If anyone should know about GW price trends, it would be Jon. While there might be a specific price increase here and there, perhaps the overall trend is going down......(not Bloody likely)

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