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S03E17 - No That is Not What I Said...I Said Skink.. S-K-I-N-K...

Aug 27 2009

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S03E17 - No That is Not What I Said...I Said Skink..S-K-I-N-K...

Its Blood Bowl review time. And no we are not talking about the new video game. We finally got around to reviewing the tabletop game by Games Workshop. This is the game you guys picked for us to review way back in the spring. Get your fantasy team ready for gameday and go smash some skulls in!

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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford, Ryan Wilke and Kyle Menzies

rmadman4 (Aug 28 09 04:56):
Hello!!! Jason where is my frickin twitter feed?!!!!!

rmadman4 (Sep 03 09 17:50):
Yes!! Thank you Jason! :-D I am Happy.

Craig (Oct 13 09 22:36):
Wow. That was very uncomfortable to watch. There was very clear tension between Jason and Kyle in that review. I also think the review was very poorly done. Clearly the game was not fully understood. Many of the items brought up seemed like they were from the point of view of someone that played less than three games of Blood Bowl, and that had not downloaded the Living Rulebook to get the complete game. I would love to see you guys revisit the game for a review after playing a season in a Blood Bowl league. That will show you the great amount of replay value this game truly has.

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