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S04E04 - Instead of Pips or Numbers....We Use EXPLOSIONS!!!!!

Feb 25 2010

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S04E04 - Instead of Pips or Numbers....We Use EXPLOSIONS!!!!!

Grind by Privateer Press is in our hands. So far we have loved everything that Privateer Press has produced, but will that continue? We have a tough time keeping it a secret, so it won't take long to find out. Thats alight, there are other reasons to keep listening; like by playing "What is the EVP saying game?". I think he is saying "daggers" and I have seriously no idea where that fourth male voice came from. If you can figure it out, then let me know.

Text Review of Grind

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Episode Hosts: xDemonic Voicex, Ryan WilkeKyle Menzies and Jason Rutherford

Chris (Apr 06 10 11:40):
i am a new player of heroscape and don't really get how to play it.

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