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S04E05 - Barney Purple?!?! What Were You Thinking?!?!?

Mar 11 2010

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S04E05 - Barney Purple?!?! What Were You Thinking?!?!?

Some times, I like to believe we get a message across to our listeners. This time we teach the dangers of purple order tokens and not cleaning your camera's tape heads. Sorry about the rough audio towards the end, I managed to mess it up bit. I suppose I should say what we are talking about. On this episode we break down Heroscape Master Set 3 - Dungeons and Dragons : Battle for the Under Dark!!!! Actually, add more thing to that message list. Say no to really long product names!!!!!
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In case you needed a reminder on how creepy Barney is.

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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford, Ryan Wilke and Sarah

rmadman4 (Mar 12 10 08:31):
We really need new mics...

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