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S04E08 - Warning...You are Going to Die... Warning....You are Going to Die

Apr 23 2010

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S04E08 - Warning...You are Going to Die... Warning....You are Going to Die

So I wanted to dive into the world of independent miniature war gaming and I found the perfect way to get started - Mech Attack by Armor Grid. Ok, I'll cut the crap...This game was just cheap. Join us today as we get out our scissors and glue and put together a whole bunch of paper figures.
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Episode Hosts: Jason Rutherford, Ryan WilkeKyle Menzies and Joel

ArmorGrid (Apr 28 10 09:56):
Thanks for the review of our game! I'm really glad you liked Armor Grid: Mech Attack and I'm glad we could turn some of you into paper miniature converts! Okay, maybe not total converts- maybe just Weekend Grid Warriors... :) Now if we could just get you to invest into some higher quality matte photo paper and hobby knives, you could see the miniatures truly shine!

Shameless Plug Warning!--> You can see more photos of our miniatures and other projects in the works at www.armorgridgames.com and you get rules help and building tips in the forums therein.<-- Plug ends. Hope you don't mind...

Thanks again for checking out our game! It sounds like you had a great time playing it.
-Matthew Kilareski
Armor Grid Games and Miniatures

RockoRobotics (Apr 29 10 07:21):
Sorry I forgot to put the link to your company in the show notes. That was an oversight on my part. I'm adding it right now.

Chuck Hughes (May 10 10 17:32):
We've recently updated the rules to Version 1.5 and addressed a few items related to comments in this review. Players who have already purchased the game can download the new file with their purchase link at RPGnow/WarGameVault. I think we're one step closer to that "Game of the Year" title...(grin)

Some advice for the models: Print directly to cardstock, fold and glue with a glue stick, then trim out the tight spots with an X-acto style hobby knife. As a final touch, I like to hit the white edges with a black marker.

Thanks for taking the time to review our game... I'm especially happy that you liked it so much. Thanks!

-Chuck Hughes
Armor Grid Games and Miniatures

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