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Confrontation marks the fourth edition of Rackham's Fantasy Combat Universe. While I have never played the earlier versions of the game, Wikipedia states that this version makes the game more squad based and it introduces pre-painted plastic miniatures. Fortunately information is being released which will allow older players to use their existing metal miniatures with this game.

The new starter set runs for $70 and cotnains 14 plastic miniatures, a beautiful full color rulebook, a dual sided battlemap, six dice, several quick reference cards, one plastic terrain piece, and a crappy tape measure.

This game is clearly targeted at the “I hate painting figures crowd” as the paint jobs on these figures are excellent and I really cannot recommend repainting them. At least with the starter set, each figure has at least one articulated joint allowing different and exciting action poses! I could care less about this as long as the pieces do not fall apart like some of my Mechwarrior figures. A squad of figures will you put back about $30 which puts the game on par with WARMACHINE.

At the time of writing this, I have not played a game yet, but I have read through the rulebook. It contains the usual items: basic rules, training scenarios, faction and universe history, and an assortment of graphic battle scenes. Best of all is every picture is full color. The rules seem pretty standard for a game like this, but I like how every thing is action result is resolved using one table. It sure beats the six pages of tables in the back of the CBT Total Warfare book.

I have two concerns about this game from just looking at the contents of the starter set. First I do not think I got my money's worth with the contents of this box. Compare this starter set to anything offered by Games Workshop and this set is bit on anemic side. Also all of the figures are really only one “type” and a poor starter experience can often turn away players. Granted limited figures does not necessarily mean a lame experience. WARMACHINE starters only have three to five figures and each of those sets provides a very challenging and entertaining experience. So it comes down to the fact that I will have to play a few games and see if these concerns are valid. Look for a full review of Age of Rag'norak: Confrontation on a future episode of the Tabletop Battlefield.

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