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Most Recent Episode

The Recon Report is a YouTube Series presented by In the next few minutes we will cover some of the more interesting stories from the world of miniature war games.

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Recon Report - The Annoying Parts of 2009
Dec 26 2009 [Link]

What got me annoyed this year? Find out on this episode of the Recon Report

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Arcane Legions Review
Nov 04 2009 [Link]

Here is my short review of Arcane Legions.

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The Killing Fields Scenario

Full Review of Arcane Legions

Space Hulk Review
Sep 30 2009 [Link]

Check out the 3:30 second long Review of Space Hulk 3rd Edition by Games Workshop.

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Recon Report - First Look at Space Hulk
Sep 06 2009 [Link]

Games Workshop just released the new edition of Space Hulk. Lets get started in this desperate battle between human and alien by checking the contents of the box.

For more information from the world of miniature war games. Check out the Army Showcase and Tabletop Battlefield Podcast at

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Recon Report - August 19th 2009
Aug 19 2009 [Link]

Today on the Recon Report we take a look at some of the new games that will be coming out in the next few mothns. These include:

Space Hulk
Arcane Legions
Ex Illis

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Recon Report - Battlefleet Gothic
May 10 2009 [Link]

A quick look at Battlefleet Gothic by Games Workshop

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