Starcraft Tactics - Planning the Assault on the Galaxy

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In my last article, I listed a couple of tips for setting up a galaxy layout which would be favorable to your faction. Hopefully the setup went as expected, but since you can only place two planets, there is a good probability that every thing just fell apart. Regardless of just how well things went, it is time to plan your assault on the neighboring planets.

At the start of game, examine each of the planets in the galaxy and assign each one a priority level. The planets which need to be conquered first will have the highest priority levels while the planets which are less critical to victory can be conquered later in the game. That sounds simple enough, but how does one go about deciding which planet is “critical” and which one is not? That is what I intend to answer in this article.

The most critical planet is the one which will deny your enemy their special victory. One might think that the most important planet is the one your faction needs for victory. However, in Starcraft, each faction has a fairly simple special objective to complete. As a result, it is possible for multiple players to achieve their special victory. For this reason, it is important to stop other players from achieving their victory conditions. Since aggressiveness in general is key to this game, capturing any planet is always going to help your force in some way.

Next, go for the planets which will deny your enemy a normal victory. While most games will go into Stage 3, an aggressive player can end the game early. This is even more critical if extra event cards are added to the deck. The best part about these planets is that by denying the enemy conquest points, your faction is going to rake them in.

Third in line are planets which are contested. A contested planet is any one which have more then one faction capable of advancing on the planet. Pretty much every planet from the first two classes will also fall under this category, but sometimes, two factions will be battling over a planet just to earn more resources. Th reason to go after contested planets is to make your enemy play a heavy price for every region they conqueror. Bogging down the enemy on one planet means they cannot expand to other planets.

The lowest priority planets are “Me-Only” planets. A “Me-Only” planet is any planet which only one faction can advance onto. Expanding onto more planets is always good thing, because it gives your faction more resources. Do not focus too heavily on these planets though. It is far more important to have troops on the front lines then running garrison duty.

Lets us take a look some examples of these tips. The three pictures on this page show a hypothetical layout featuring Zerg, Terran, and Protoss forces.

First up is the Zerg player. In an amazing display of “skill”, the Zerg player has managed to secure a true “Me-Only” planet. Since it is impossible for another player to occupy Planet 2 without going through the Zerg home world first, this one will be marked as low priority. Capture this planet as soon as a few extra resources become available. Most of the Zerg players forces should be focused on Dylar IV, as indicated by the red 1. Not only is the planet contested by all three factions, it is the only planet that the Terrans can expand to. Cut them off here and they will not be able to win the game.

The Protoss player is in a solid position. While they do not have a true “Me-Only” Planet, Planet #2 can become one depending on how the battle for Dylar IV turns out.(The planet with the Red 1) . As with the Zerg, Dylar IV is a contested planet and critical for both the Terran and Zerg Special Victories. Just remember to leave a few troops on your home planet in the event the Terrans try a back door attack.

Now we come to the Terrans. They are the worst off and managed to to get screwed in both planet placement and z-Axis placement. They have one option – Take Dylar IV. It is going to be hard if not impossible fight, but it must be won. Keep an eye on the Protoss home world(#2). An attack from them is possible, but watch for them to make a mistake with troop placement. Destroying a few misplaced works can shift the battle in your favor.

There are few examples for planning your galactic domination. In short, do your best to strike at your opponents most critical locations. Remember to attack where your opponents need to be as dislodging an existing base can be exceptionally difficult. Get out there are Conqueror The Galaxy!!!



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