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The Tau Forest Tigers

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"How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them."


The Tyranids are the most dangerous threat to all life in the galaxy. Too bad the pride and arrogance of the humans keeps them focused on destroying primative life instead of unifying against the Tyranids. For the same reasons, it is foolish to think that any sizeable number of humans would actaully want to join our efforts in stopping the beast. We must face these monsters alone. When the time comes, we must be ready to strike a crippling and deadly blow to the heart of the Tyranids. Anything but the complete destruction of a hive fleet will be a failure.

For these reasons, Commander Shadowsun created the Tau Forest Tigers. For all intensive purposes, this division of the Fire Caste does not exist. Its purpose is to locate and engage the Tyranids in combat, explore and test new weapons, and find a way to stop this plague before it consumes us all......

Operation Double Helix:
Follow my the Campaign against the Tyranids

Tau Forest Tiger Tactics

For details on how I play this army, check out my write up of tactics here

Army Photos

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Common Army Lists

Tau Empire 1850 Point List

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Body Guard6230
Shasv'rex 2, TL Plasma Rifles, Shield Generators. HW TL, Hw Drone Controller, Gun Drowns x 2, Failsafe Detanator
Team Leader, Adv Stab Sys, Gun Drones x2 Bonding Knife
Crisis Team5199
Deathrains with Targeting Array x3, Gun Drones x 2, Team Leader, Bonded
Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Marker Light
Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Marker Light
Pulse Carbines, Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Markerlight
Hammerhead, SMS, Railgun, Multi-Track, Disruption Pod
Ion Cann, SMS, Multi-Track, Disruption Pods
20 Kroot with Armor + Shaper
Shaslax6, Shas'ui, Bonding Knife, Devilfish with disruption pods
Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, HW-MulitTrack,Bonding Knife, Drone Controller, Gun Drones x 2, HW Target Lock
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Tau Empire 2500 Point Standard Force Org List

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Broadside Team5280
Team Leader, Shield Drones x2, ADV Stab Sys x3, Bonded
Crisis Team5214
TL Missile Pods, Team Leader, Shield Drone x2, Targeting Arrays. Hard Wired Target Lock on Team Leader
Crisis Team5236
Team Leader, Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi Trackers, Shield Drone x2
Fire Warriors10125
Shas'ui, Bonded, Marker Light
Fire Warriors10125
Shas'ui, Bonded, Marker Light
Fire Warriors10125
Shas'ui Bonded, Markerlight
Fire Warriors10125
Shas'ui, Bonded, Pulse Carbines, Marker Light
Railgun, Smart Missiles, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pod
Ion Cannon, Smart Missiles, Multi-tracker, Disruption Pods
Includes Shaper with Pulse Rifle. Each One Has Added Armor
7 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui Bonded, 2 Rail Rifles w/ target lock, Devilfish w/ disruption pods.
Piranha Squadron2130
Piranhas with Disruption Pods
Shas'o and Bodyguard9417
Sash'o - Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, HW Multi-Tracker, Bonded, Shield Drones x2 Shasv're x2 TL Plasma Rifle, Shield Generators, HW Drone Controller, Shield Drones x2(each) One has a fail safe detonator.
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Tau Empire 1000 Point Core List

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Crisis Commander1152
Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missle Launcher, Shield Generator, HW Drone Controller, 2 Gun Drones, HW multiracker , Bonding Knife
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Tau Empire 3000 Point Apocalypse List

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Broadside Team5280
Adv Stab Sys x 3, Shield Drone x 2, Team Leader w Bonding Knife
Broadside Team5280
Adv Stab Sys x 3, Shield Drone x 2, Team Leader w Bonding Knife
Crisis Team - DeathRains5209
2 Shas'ui, 1 Team Leader[Bonded] - TL Missile Pods, Targeting Array, Shield Drone x 2
Crisis Team - Sigma Squad5236
2 Shas'ui , 1 Team Leader(bonded) Missile Pods, Plasma Rifles, Multi-Trackers, Shield Drone x2
Pulse Rifles with Shas'ui[Bonding Knife, Marker Light]
Pulse Rifles with Shas'ui[Bonding Knife, Marker Light]
Pulse Rifles with Shas'ui[Bonding Knife, Marker Light]
Pulse Carbines with Shas'ui[Bonding Knife, Marker Light]
Railgun, Smart Missiles, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pods, Apocalypse Command Tank
Railgun, Smart Missiles, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pods
HQ + Body Guard9417
Shas'o with Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator, Missile Pod, HW Multi Tracker, 2 Shield Drones, Bonded Body Guards x 2 TL Plasma Rifles, Shield Generators, 2 Shield Drones Each, 1 Failsafe Generator
Shaper with Pulse Rifle. Armor
Kroot Carnivores
Path Finders9216
7 Shas'la, 1 Shasui[Bonded], 2 Rail Rifles, Devilfish with Disruption Pods
Sky Ray Tank1150
Smart Missiles, Disruption Pods
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Tyranid Killer List

Unit NameModels in UnitPoint Value
Broadside Battle Armor5285
Shas'ui * 3,Team Leader, Multi-Trackers, Plasma Rifles, 2 Gun Drones, Bonded
Firewarriors * 10, Shas'ui Upgrade, Bonding Knife
Firewarriors * 10, Shas'ui Upgrade, Bonding Knife
Firewarriors * 10, Shas'ui Upgrade, Bonding Knife
Hammerhead - Ion Head1150
Ion Cannon, Smart Missile System, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pods, Fletchette Discharger
Hammerhead - Ion Head1150
Ion Cannon, Smart Missile System, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pods, Fletchette Discharger
Shas'la *6, Shas'ui Upgrade, Bonding Knife, Devilfish w Disruption Pods
Shas'o Battlesuit Commander3163
Shas'o, Airburts Frag Launcher, Burst Cannon, Shield Generator, HW Multi-Tracker, Shield Drone * 2, bonding Knife
XV8 Crisis Suits4190
Shas'ui * 2, Twin Linked Plasma, Shield Generators, Shield Drone * 2, Team Leader, Bonding Knife
XV8 Crisis Suits5194
Shasui * 3, Twin Linked Missile Pods, Targeting Arrays, Team Leader, Shield Drones * 2
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This list was designed to fight the new Tyranids at 1850. It seems I miss-calculated and left myself 200 points short. (I still won though)

News and Battle History of the Tau Forest Tigers

5th Edition Battles421
1000 Point vs TyranidsWin
1500 Point vs Raven WingDraw
1750ish vs Chaos MarinesLoss
1500 vs Dark EldarLoss
1850 Scenario vs ChaosWin
1850 Scenario vs Dark AngelsWin
1850pts against Tyranids(2010 Codex)Win

Operation Double Helix Update
Mar 19 2010 [Link]

The planet of Saran, located on the eastern fringe of the Human Imperium, fell under atttack from the Tyranids. Divisions of Blood Angels and Imperial Guard descended to save the planet and in the chaos of the battle, the Tau Forest Tigers slipped in to join the fight. Our mission is simple. Earn precious experience in battling the Tyranids. After several days of combat, the Tyranids forces are falling back, but a more sinister presence has revealed itself.

The forces of Chaos have risen up in insurrection. Imperial Guard regiments have turned on their Space Marine brothers. In typical human arrogance, the Blood Angels attacked our lines, blaming us for their failing plan. Of course, we do not wish to fight the humans, but we will defend ourselves.

Follow the action of Warhammer 40K - Operation Double Helix

Defend the Wells!!!
Apr 27 2009 [Link]

User Uploaded Image

The forces of Chaos thought they had the advantage. They thought we would not be prepared for their assault. They were wrong. Several stealth teams positioned ahead of the main objectives had reported the demonic forces long before they entered the range of our guns.

Shas'ui Calgar of a Pulse Carbine squad was the first to notice the extra equipment the Chaos Forces were carrying. Computer scans identified the containers as chemical weapon systems designed to react violently with water. This attack wasn't about conquest, it was about pure destruction. We had to stop them from poisoning the water supply.

Two Rhinos, a Land Raider, and a Chaos Defiler crested a hill and raced for the first well. Missiles ripped from the Tau Lines into the first Rhino. The light armor on the vehicle gave way. Chunks of armor, structure, and bodies burst from the fireball. A single Battle Cannon shell exploded over the second well, but the building protecting the entrenched Kroot held its integrity. Moving as fast as it could, the Land Raider set its sights on the third well. Focusing so intently on their objective, the Chaos vehicle failed to see the Broadside reinforcements which just entered the battle. Sonic Booms echoed across the battlefield as the two rail gun slugs struck the front of the massive transport. Like the rhino before it, it exploded in a horrific fireball. Several Terminators climbed out of the mangled wreckage and continued their assault.

Despite the early set backs, Chaos forces pushed deeper and forced the Kroot to rout and flee from their position. The second well soon fell to a group of plague marines. Only the third stood undefiled. With additional reinforcements near by, the Tau only needed to hold off the attackers a little bit longer. Terminators sprinted towards the final hill. Every functional military unit directed their firepower at the Terminator suits. One by one, most of the possessed warriors succumb to withering firepower. By the time the enemies reached the final Firewarriors defending the well, only two terminators remained. One swatted away the few reamining Tau troops and the other prepared their deadly chemical weapon.

Time had expired. A Tau Empire Tiger Shark dived from above the cloud cover above. A single rail gun slug pierced each of the Terminator suits rending each to fine mist. Then, a second Tiger Shark marked the defiler for destruction as its rail guns left the machine in a plague infested scrap heap. With the forces of Chaos deep into our territory, a single massive Orca landed behind their lines and unloaded its payload of Firewarriors and Crisis Suits. The new troops surrounded and destroyed the remaining Chaos forces.

With the extra reinforcements, the Forest Tigers went on the offensive and raced towards the presumed base of the enemy....

Dark Eldar Ambush
Apr 25 2009 [Link]

A sizable patrol of the Forest Tigers found themselves under attack from a Dark Eldar Force. Very few details about the battle are available since no one survived the engagement. The exact size or capabilities of the enemies remain unknown. If it wasn't for a handful of downed skimmers, one which exploded with troops inside, we wouldn't even no who attacked us. If there is any good side to this situation, it is that we have identified the remains of every soldier. No one appears to have been taken prisoner by these abominations.

1750 Point Battle Against Chaos
Mar 14 2009 [Link]

I Took a trip up to the local GW to play some 40K and ended up playing a game against Chaos. I don't got a nice write up this time, but I ended up losing in the 7th turn. We were playing an annihilation game and the final score was 10 to 3.

For starters, I forgot to deploy my 20 figure Kroot squad and it is tough to fight annihilation when you have 13 kill points and your opponent only has 7.

Tyranid 500 Point Skirmish
Jan 17 2009 [Link]

As dawn spread across the battlefield, the silhouettes of an advance Tyranid patrol took shape in the rising the sun. Shas'o Tylex ordered his escorting Firewarrior squads to form up behind a ruined human building and prepare to punch a hole in the alien line. The beasts raced across the field. Three massive Warriors unleashed hellish fire into the lead firewarrior squad. As several Tau fell in battle, their pulse rifles drove deadly blue energy into the enemy line. Termagaunts fell under the torrent of the fire. The creatures in back simply lept over their fallen comrades and continued to charge. Tylex stepped up and discharged a long stream of fire from his burst cannon, killing the last of the Termaguants.

As the Tau attention turned to the left flank where more Termagaunts scaled a small hill, the veteran Firewarrior squad raced for the safety of the ruined building. From inside, pulse rifles chewed into the carapaces of the Warriors. Two of the nightmarish monsters collapsed to the ground. In a rage, the surviving warrior smashed into the Firewarriors which had taken the brunt of their previous weapon fire. Though outmatched, the Firewarriors refused to give an inch.

Missiles cruised through sky and tore into the fresh Termagaunts. A glance back revealed that two Death Rains and a Broadside had joined the battle. This extra fire power, combined with support fire from Tylex obliterated this batch of aliens. As the sun rose higher in the sky, the full extent of the threat became visible to us. Several more broods of Gaunts raced towards our gun line. A single squad of Warriors kept the aliens in check. That was their weakness, those Warriors would have to die.

It didn't take long for the engaged Firewarriors to break and run. As the victorious Warrior howled in blood lust, the bodies of two Firewarrors slid off its scything talons. The creature lowered its blood stained claws and charged towards Tylex.

Torrents of Fire poured down field at the command squad of the Tyranids. One Warrior fell and then another exploded from the energy of a Rail Gun tearing through its chest. The sole Warrior continued to lead its minions closer to our battle lines. Inside the Crisis suits, their seismic sensors lit up. Scanning down range, the terrible source of the disturbances had shown itself. A Carnifex had joined the battle.

Tylex slammed into the ground as the Warrior struck first. The beast prepared to move in for kill, but Gun Drones forced the creature to stagger back. He then climbed to his feet and lunged forward. The barrel of his burst cannon shattered the exoskeleton of the creatures head. Tylex's other arm gripped the horror by its throat and blood sprayed all over the commander. The lifeless body of the Tyranid fell to the ground.

Firewarriors continued their assault and the last Tyranid Warrior fell to the fire power. The synapse was broken and the Gaunts fell back in retreat. Only one squad continued its desperate assault. Tylex moved into range and a well placed air burst frag launched exploded over their heads. When the dirt settled, every Tyranid lay into a poll of blood.

The early morning battle had come to an end with Tau forces still holding the field.

Speed Painting Completed!!!
Aug 25 2008 [Link]

User Uploaded Image

Over the weekend I finished up my speed painting army and collected my prize! Here is the final shot of my Tau Forest Tigers.

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Painting Style and History

The name Forest Tigers come from their paint scheme. Each figure is painted in a green/brown camouflage with bright orange stripes over several parts of their bodies. These colors were really more a convenience thing then anything else. A few months early, I had just finished up painting a Lizardmen Army for Warhammer Fantasy and these Lizardmen were painted with the same brown/green/orange stripe combination.

Initially, the army consisted of just the Battalion Box Set and several other battle suits. In fact, I created a patrol army out of just the Batallion Box set. Shortly after I added Heavy Support in the form of a Hammerhead, a second Broadside, and a Sky Ray.[Did you know that the Sky Ray Box includes the pieces for all of the Tau Vehicles?]. Over the next year I added more troops until the army reached its current size.

Prior to the release of Warhammer 40K Apocalypse, I purchased the massive Tau Hunter Cadre set those pieces would become a second division The Fire Ocelot Division. When these two divisions are put together, they can form a massive 3000 point army and still have plenty of pieces to spare.

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