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Its been a long time
Oct 20 2007 [Link]

Its been a long time since I worked on this project, but it is time to get back into the swing of things. I purchased the fiber glass which will be used to build the hull of the object. Check out the last three pictures in line and you will see some of the components used in construction. I did not have time to actually apply the fiberglass.

Well, I started to apply it, but after opening the can of resin, the smell of the resin spread quickly. Since I live in a complex with many other people I decided that I'll wait until I head back home to my parent's house before applying the resin.

Look for more updates next week....

Lets Give it Some Weapons
Jun 11 2007 [Link]

Three more pictures are up - #12 through #14. These pictures show the early stages of weapon construction. The weapons are built from rather simple parts. I start with some Table Tennis balls, then cut them in half with my hobby knife. Each one of these half balls will become a standard weapons turret. In the last pictures, gun barrels of various lengths are attached to the turrets to represent different weapon systems. And yes, those gun barrels are made of straws.

If I have some time this weekend, I'll build some really large weapons.

Lets Talk Scale
Jun 03 2007 [Link]

I just posted a new image - Image #13 which shows the bottom half of the object next to the following figures. Therefore, this object belongs to one of the five games:

From Left to Right

1)A Defender Heavy Warjack from WARMACHINE
2)A Nova class Warship for Babylon 5
3)A Lizardmen Old Blood Hero Character from Warhammer Fantasy
4)A Broadside Battlesuit from Warhammer 40K
5)An Osiris Battlemech from Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction

Images 10,11, and 12
May 28 2007 [Link]

These ones kind of look like the top half but smaller. At least it seems the bottom half is coming along quite well.

Images 8 and 9
May 18 2007 [Link]

ith the Top half just about complete, lets get started on the bottom half with a few more Sytrofoam Pieces and then by sticking some wood rods into them?

Images 6 and 7
May 10 2007 [Link]

Another close up seems to show where most of the foam core board pieces got stuck to.

And it appears in image seven that I have started to apply Duct Tape to the structure. (Duct Tape is probably the most useful invention ever.)

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These are some teaser pictures for something I am working on for an upcoming episode of the Tabletop Battlefield. Take a look and see if you can figure out what it is. Be sure to leave a guess on the right.



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